11 Things to know Before Moving to Europe

Whether living abroad for a couple of weeks or intending to proceed to Europe long duration, there is some groundwork that should be performed before moving to Europe.

1. Learn the language 

Learn the local language, even if you start with the basics, can take you far and help you feel a little less lost in your new home.

Instead of buying a language book that you’ll most likely learn nothing from, download a free language app like Duolingo to get you started with the basics.

When you’re ready for more, you can get cheap one-to-one lessons over Skype from iTalki.

2. Little research about the place

Do a little research about the place you're going to be in before moving to Europe.  For those who know where you will be staying, then get to see the area through sites, guides as well as Google Street View. 

If you are not sure where you are staying, however, begin to explore some areas which you may want to search for lodging in.

Some resources to check out before you move abroad:

  • Time Out (they have dedicated websites for major cities around the world)
  • Local bloggers’ sites

3. Start inquiring about places to live

In case you don't have lodging set up for you by your employer or college until you arrive in Europe, do not worry. 

If you are a student, there are a few good (secure) websites which can enable you to book accommodation before you arrive in Europe.

However, Book a hostel or even Airbnb for a week or 2 once you arrive so you could devote time to go to some possible lodging choices. 

Airbnb Competetitors

When you look at personal rental properties on websites such as GumTree or CraigsList, you can send some emails with questions before going abroad. 

Do not offer any personal information or cash before you find the flat in person and register any documentation.

4. Friends and family Pics

Before moving to Europe, print out several favorite pictures of your family and friends so that you can hang them on your new apartment.

Use a service such as Shutterfly printing to get fantastic prints on the cheap.

5. Get travel insurance

Every government manages their federal healthcare system in a different way. Do some research so you can decide on the ideal travel insurance coverage to your location and situation.

Travel insurance may also cover lost luggage, stolen things or passports, and other disasters you might encounter while moving to Europe.

Try out STA Travel for a few affordable choices.

6. Pick up a new camera

Capture every moment when you are moving to Europe  or any foreign destination.


The most recent cameras have built-in Wi-Fi, which makes it very easy to Share photos on social media.

Have a look at this listing of cameras

7. Communication plan 

The web makes communication easy nowadays, but if you do not have a working phone at a foreign nation, it will get a bit harder.

Communications plan

Pick the way you allow your loved ones know that you have made it securely. 

It is quite simple and cheap to get a pay-as-you-go SIM card which can fit on your smartphone.

8. Get a no-fee credit card

Based upon your Bank, ATM withdrawals and debit card fees can begin to accumulate when global charges get involved.Ask if there is a way to decrease those fees as you'll be off for more than a few months.

No Fee Credit Card

If you are not granted any choices, then research switching to Capital One or only opening a credit card with them.

9. Local transports 

Doing a little research on the local transportation options will also help you decide where to go as soon as you arrive in Europe.

10. Document everything

It is a fantastic idea to get copies and photos of anything that's important to you. Including credit and debit cards, passport, expensive electronics (be aware of serial numbers also), etc. 

It make much easier to record everything to the authorities, insurance company, or anybody else who's helping you sort out it.

11. Call home, email, or Skype

Applications such as Skype provides exceptional value for the cost and is simple to establish. You may call direct amounts at low price or telephone computer to computer at no cost.

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