19 Things to know Before Moving to Sweden

There are a few critical things to know before moving to Sweden -- helpful and useful things, the type of knowledge that could make any movement simpler.

Sweden is a fantastic place to reside with its type men and women, exceptional public services and corporate culture which encourages individuals to have a great work-life balance.  

1.  Swedish 

You can live here for many years without learning a lick of Swedish.  Swedes are frequently rated as world number two at English as another language.  

Swedish for Imigirants

Therefore, it may take you longer to understand Swedish, as well as also the Catch-22 is that fluency in the language is essential to full integration.  

Registering for SFI (Swedish for immigrants) may be a step in the ideal direction.  Following is a record of Sweden's 290 municipalities.

2. Dress sense

Despite being style conscious, Swedes have a sensible, functional way of garments.  When they dress up, the Swedes do not dress up too much. Instead, they want to keep it casual. 

Swedish Style

At the office, the workplace dress code is low key, and there is not much difference between how Swedes apparel at celebrations and how they dress some other time.

NB: Should you encourage a Swede into some” Fancy Dress" party expect them to turn up in tuxes and ballgowns, today their most exceptional hot vampire and Freddy Krueger costumes 

3. Coffee Love

Few people drink more coffee than the Swedes. 

Back in Sweden, coffee drinking is fostered through a tradition known as fika -- where friends, family or coworkers meet for tea or coffee, frequently with something sweet on the side.  

Svensk Fika

Many Swedes will appreciate a minimum of one fika per day as a chance to bond.So consider this in your list of things to know before moving to Sweden.

Add fika in your things to know before moving to Sweden list .Consider Fika in things to know before moving to Sweden list. 

4. Outdoors

In the summertime, Swedes like to greet the coming of summer. 

A variety of street festivals and festivals are now a regular feature of the summertime summer calendar, together with the festivities bringing individuals together to socialize and revel in music and food.  

Swedish Outdoors

Throughout the summertime, you will find some ‘fiddlers' meetings' held throughout the nation, bringing conventional Swedish noises into the roads.

Plan for best outdoors in your things to know before moving to Sweden list.

5. Food celebrating days

Swedes celebrate Christmas, Easter, Midsummer and Walpurgis Eve.

Swedish Christmas

But nearly as significant are the times observing foods: Shrove Tuesday (Fettisdagen), which in Sweden requires a semla; Waffle Day (Våffeldagen) on 25 March; and Cinnamon Bun Day (Kanelbullens dag) on 4 October.  

Don't hesitate to gorge on stated food all day without remorse.

6. Music

The accordion, clarinet, and fiddle would be the most common Swedish folk instruments.  Nordic folk songs that embodies such genres like polka, waltz, and Polska.

Swedish Music

 Swedish music could be complete without paying regard to the most famous export -- Eurovision winners, ABBA.

7. Get in line

In the drugstore and tax office to the regional supermarket's meat counter, you're going to be made to exercise patience as you wait to get served at a numbered queue.  

Many companies have a ticketing system -- typically a tiny hard-to-find machine suspended on a wall which dispenses amount notes.

As soon as you grab your ticket, then you are going to need to wait until your number shows up on a display before you may proceed into the counter.

Consider getting in line in your things to know before moving to Sweden list a

8. Language

Nearly 10 million individuals speak Swedish.  

But most people in Sweden speak English as their second language -- excellent if you are not much of a linguist since you could always revert into English if you are stuck. 

 In Sweden, children begin learning English.

9. Don't work in July

Don't work in July

Considering July in the list of things to know before moving to Sweden? It is not unusual to locate restaurants and shops closed for a whole month, generally in July, while workers choose their four to six months of vacation.

10. Snus

You have just arrived in Sweden as you look around the airport, you notice that lots of adults have a swollen upper lip. 

Swedish Snus

Do not worry, and you have not just moved into a nation filled with brawlers, it's merely snus!  In case you haven't been to Sweden before, you most likely haven't heard of it. 

Snus is a tiny teabag-like bag of tobacco, which can be placed under the top lip.

It's left in the mouth for some time before being spat out to the suitable container, and that it comes in (there's a nifty different compartment for used snus).

11. Take off your shoes

You will quickly notice that sneakers are removed when entering personal homes in Sweden.  

Some describe it using the easy actuality that Swedes invest a good deal of time outside during winter and therefore are more prone to pulling in the dirt. Other people say it is an indication of respect for your house.

In any event, you may wish to think twice before wearing full lace-up boots when seeing people.

12. Midsommer

What's the very first picture that you conjure up in your head when considering things to know before moving to Sweden?

For many, it's a scene at a wildflower patch, in which blond haired, blue eyed women dressed in white gowns and blossom crowns collect.  But if you end up in Sweden through Midsommer, then you're in for a treat. 

Swedish Midsommer

The Swedes will go for their summer cottages (that most people have) for a weekend of food, beverage, campfire, and tune.  

Among the most popular folk tunes sung by old and young alike is all about frogs and involves them becoming a lineup and fretting about like frogs around a campfire.

13. Be on time

It's common knowledge here that 'time' needs to be respected in any way -- no matter if you are going to get a meeting or some friendly fika. 

 Meetings will begin on time without you.  The train leaves on time without you.  Swedes worth punctuality.

14. Do not disturb, do not destroy

Throughout summer time, many Swedes venture for their local woods to pick wild berries. They can do so since the Swedish Constitution grants its occupants the best of Allemansrätten.

Swedish Environment

Provided that they do not disturb or destroy the property, they have liberty to roam in nature.  This freedom enables them to camp, ski, hike, cycle and swims in any people, natural location.

15. Plastic bag

Shopping Bags

Think before you throw out that plastic tote.  Most Swedish grocery shops charge you for paper or plastic bags in a bid to maintain waste low and promote recycling.   Swedes prefer to keep it sustainable. 

16. Alcohol 

Swedish Alcohol Monopoly

You've got just one right choice of purchasing more powerful alcohol, which is from among the approximately 400 state-run liquor shops (Systembolaget). 

17. Gymnasieskola

If you meet somebody and they start drifting about their time in gymnasium they are not referring to their physical fitness regime. 


Gymnasieskola describes high school or secondary college. 

At the end of May pupils graduate from Gymnasium and celebrate by wearing their graduation caps and pushing down the road, pumping music in their handmade graduation buses.

18. Winter

It is no secret that Sweden's geographical location makes it more likely to cold, dark winters.

A Snowy Escape in Swedish Lapland

At the depth of winter in some northern areas of the nation over the Arctic Circle, you could get as few as three hours of sun every day.

 So, winters might be demanding, but you will be rewarded during summertime. Extended hours of daylight and reasonably warm temperatures make Sweden one of the gorgeous areas to be in during May to August. 

19. Outside bars and seating areas

On April 1, government regulation permits Swedish cafés and restaurants to start outside bars and seating areas. 

Outside bars and seating areas Swedish

During this period of the year, the sunlight comes out and therefore do the Swedes. 

If you move down to the neighborhood park or woods, you'll discover men shirtless along with the girls clad in bikinis trying to consume as much vitamin D as you can.  

The one issue is the fact that it's generally about 10 degrees Celsius.

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