25 Most Liberal Countries to Move in 2021

For those, like a lot of men and women in Trump's America or even post-Brexit Britain feel disconnected from the fellow countrymen and unsure about your potential in your present state of residence and would like to think about your choices, don't worry, here is a listing of the most liberal countries you can move to in 2021.

25.  Namibia

Namibia comes from 25th on our listing, taking a hit on fundamental human requirements and access to schooling in the Social Progress Index. 


On the other hand, the African American country performed nicely on private rights like political liberty and freedom of speech.

24. Austria

Austria Arrived 52nd from the WEF's Gender Gap File but Played well compared from the Environmental Performance Index, Arriving from Preceding Ireland and Luxembourg.  


On the flip side, the Social Progress Index noted that the country was falling on religious and LGBT tolerance.

23. Philippines

The Philippines is acting nicely on gender parity and ecological security in comparison to a lot of countries with a similar GDP per capita, for example, India and Honduras. So it is among Liberal Countries to Move on our list.


It obtained a powerful score for academic achievement from the WEF's Gender Gap file and had a higher tolerance of homosexuality compared to its peers based on the Social Progress Index.

22. Netherlands

Dutch Culture

Liberal Countries to Move-The Netherlands performed best at the Social Progress Index, in. Which it Arrived in the eighth when Compared with countries with a similar GDP per capita Such as Denmark, Finland, and the United Kingdom.

21. United States of America


Liberal Countries to Move-The USA overlooks the top 20, falling 10 areas behind its neighbor to the north, Canada.  It dropped far behind on the Gender Gap report in 45th but played well on accessibility to advanced schooling in the Social Progress Index. 

20. Spain


Spain's gender parity is inferior in contrast to a lot of countries on our record, ending in 29th from the WEF's Gender Gap file, but its absence of atmospheric pollution and prime place at the Environmental Performance Report (sixth) signifies it makes it to the top 20. 

19. Lithuania

Four Eastern European countries made the record containing Lithuania, which came eighth at the Environmental Performance Index. Is Lithuania in your Liberal Countries to Move list?


Even though it has a poorer GDP, it functioned well on private rights at the Social Progress Index in comparison to similar countries such as Croatia, Hungary, and Greece.

18. Belgium


Belgium came in the Gender Gap report only above Lithuania, also has significantly more affordable housing than several countries with a similar GDP per capita based on the Social Index report.

17. Estonia

Estonia among Liberal Countries to Move.It is still another Eastern European nation putting countries with stronger economies to pity in this ranking. 


It scored highly on private rights at the Social Progress Index, arrived 22nd before Belgium from the Gender Gap File, and defeat France to become in the Environmental Performance Index.

16. France

The Days of Belarusian Culture in France

France performed best because of its usual surroundings, coming from 10th place at the Environmental Performance Index, but dropped to 18th from the Social Progress Index.

15. Australia


Australia had one of the lowest scores at the Gender Gap file, coming from 45th, but had been at the top four from the Social Progress Index because of its access to high education and fresh water.

14. Latvia

Latvia Spirit

Latvia performed best from the Gender Gap report, in which it arrived 18th supporting France, also has relatively large accessibility to information in contrast to its peers, according to the Social Progress Index.

13. Germany


Germany did not fare so well in the Social Progress Report in comparison to similar states, also fell to 30th at 2016's Environmental Performance Index.  It performed best from the Gender Gap file, finishing in 13th.

12. Portugal

The Portuguese

Its economy may be struggling, however, Portugal performed relatively well on ecological quality, accessibility to education and endurance in contrast to countries with a similar GDP per capita.

11. Canada


Most Americans are moving to Canada after Trump's success in America election, and it's not tough to see why.  It performed best at the Social Progress Index, coming from a 2nd place this past year, and arrived in a respectable 25th area at the Environmental Performance Index. 

10. United Kingdom


Regardless of Brexit, complete the UK performed well, coming in at number 10. It is mostly a result of its positions in privacy rights, security, tolerance, and inclusion.

9. Ireland

Irish People

The UK's neighbor to the west makes it into top 10, Also Such as Canada, performed well Concerning Accessibility to higher education.

8. Denmark

Denmark People

Among the friendliest nations in the world, Denmark can be in the top 10 at the Social Progress Index, along with the World Economic Forum's competitive nations rank.  It performed well on schooling and was among the first to incorporate computer science into its main school program.

7. Switzerland

Swiz Peoples

Switzerland generally performs well in positions like the 2016 Prosperity Index, also comes in the seventh position for a solid performance in the Social Progress Index, in which it came. 

6. Slovenia


Slovenia has a tiny population of a bit more than two thousand, but it is a powerhouse when it comes to ecological criteria and utterly free press.  But it does not fare so well when it comes to equality.  In 2015 the nation voted to deny legalizing same-sex weddings.

5. New Zealand 

New Zeland

Known for its stunning greenery and intensely shielded ecosystem, New Zealand comes the fifth location.

4. Norway

Norway Happiest Country

Four Scandinavian countries topped the record, such as Norway, that scored extremely highly in education, wellness and media freedom from the 2016 Social Progress report.

3. Sweden


Last September, the Swedish authorities attained a gender equality goal place in 1988, and today, 50% of individuals on the boards of government agencies are girls.  

Sweden has been called the fourth most gender-equal nation on the planet from the 2016 World Economic Forum.

2. Finland

Finns on Finns

Finland might not call itself a nation, but it keeps up with its northern European allies in a 2nd location.  It topped the 2016 Social Progress Index, scoring highly on wellness and security.

1. Iceland

Iceland topped the record to be one of the most liberal states in the world.  

Iceland People

It's a small population of just over 330,000 individuals, but it is the closest to attaining gender equality together with the smallest gender pay gap on earth. 

It's also among the very eco-friendly, and about 85 percent of its energy comes from renewable resources.

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