8 Ways Snag Cheap Study Abroad Flights

It is possible to find cheap study abroad flights if you understand things to search for and the best way to use. You've gotta put a little work into it, and truth be told, time is your friend. 

Make an action at least three weeks out and stick to those methods to reserve study overseas flights. Continue reading for suggestions.

1. Flight alerts 

Make an AirfareWatchdog alert for particular flights and destinations, which will get you cheap study abroad flights to your inbox, rather than spending hours searching for a flight. 

Flight Alerts

AirfareWatchdog offers a search functionality -- use it!  You might even set up flight alerts with Kayak or even Skyscanner.  

One other route is to use STA Travel for study abroad plane tickets--they are a complete service travel service targeted at procuring cheap student flights. 

They assist you to get through the procedure for finding deals together with study abroad programs.  STA Travel is a fantastic source if you are new to the process for booking student airfare!

2. Travel credit cards 

Are you currently using a travel credit cards card?  Are your parents?  

Travel Credit Cards

Be sure that you're getting some traveling rewards. These programs assign points that are specific worth for expenses. 

Sometimes they are based on if they are beverage or food versus shopping or gas.  If it is a travel cost, then you will earn double points. This is excellent news in the long run because more points = more ways to save money.

The key here is to select an airline which you would like to fly frequently, or at least works for a study abroad destination (otherwise it will not be helpful in locating cheap study abroad flights!). 

Build up loyalty and earn more points to cash in if you are booking your flights abroad and back.

Check Cards for Travel and chat with your bank about travel rewards cards. There are credit card programs out there which will make it possible for you earn points that directly apply to future airfare purchases.

3. Flyer programs

Flyer Program

Star Alliance, OneWorld, and SkyTeam—names you probably have never heard of, but you need to know. All these airline alliances are what's going to get you miles which you may use for free or cheap study abroad flights.

Subscribe for a frequent flyer program and research which airlines are part of which so you can start accruing miles. 

All these are useful since it can be somewhat hard to be faithful to a specific airline, mainly.  

When you need to locate flights for students studying overseas -- regardless of which airline is having a membership will probably serve you well and will help alleviate several prices.

4. Earn miles

Earn Airline Miles

Another way for points accrual?   Surveys!  There are ways to acquire miles than using credit cards or flying.  

Doing online surveys from E-miles ought to become your go-to.  It could take somewhat more time to receive a variety of miles but spending only 15 minutes performing several surveys can make miles to you.  

If you register for newsletters from airlines, you'll get insider tips on more ways to earn points

5. Shopping portals online

Airline Shoping Portals

You may not understand it, but you will find plenty of shopping portals from various airlines which you may utilize to have miles to your next trip. e.g MileagePlus Shopping out of United Airlines.  

The next time you (or your mother and father) have a purchase to make online, check to find out whether the airline frequent flyer plan that you signed up for has a shopping portal site which has that thing available!

6. Timing 

Consider it this way: when travelers are buying tickets? Avoid shopping at these times.

Just how many weeks before traveling?   A lot of men and women wonder just how far to wait to buy study abroad plane tickets from their departure date.  

Timing & Tickets

The consensus appears to be three months before the intended travel.   If you would like to play the dangerous game of buying a week before you fly, you can attempt to get lucky if the airline is trying to fill last-minute seats.   

What time of day? People tend to shop in the morning before work and in the evening after work. Alas, many student deals for flights (or deals in general) will pop up in the afternoon between noon and 3 p.m or in the late evening, like after 10pm.

In my experience, three months is a bit much--there does appear to be much change between a few months ahead of your journey and therefore don't emphasize that final minute trip thought!  Unless If you don't hate middle seats and long-haul flights.

7. Tracking your browsing history

Do not be weirded out. However, the airline search engines along with your browser are monitoring what you've looked for previously. 

This may mean a couple of things—

1) your favorite flight route automatically populates the research tool. 


2) They're dis-incentivized from lowering the price visible to you for the flight they've deduced you want. Some state that airlines costs of the search route raise because they know you need it.

Do other searches within an incognito window to view new, up-to-date research results, with no influence of your previous browsing history.  If you would like to find discount flights, you do it. 

8.Best websites for booking flights

Kayak?  Orbitz?  Expedia?  Skyscanner?  Some platforms are cool out there which combines results from different flight sites.  Even Google flights have upped its game in recent years.

Best Websites for Flight TIckets

Look this up on Google first, then run further research (incognito!)  On airline sites.  (You do not need to get stuck with hidden charges, would you?).

Give the following student travel websites a call:

  • Student Universe is world renowned for cheap study abroad flights. They have a great deal of knowledge regarding which airlines are most significant for students also have got an easy-to-use search engine.
  • STA Travel has existed since 1971 (!) It's safe to say they have had time--and of course trips--to understand the principles of study overseas flights.  It is helpful to get your research so that you come ready so that you can enjoy the sweet, sweet savings they can hook you up within all.

Now you know the inside scoop, you are well on your way to cutting down your prices to study overseas (below are eight proven techniques to reduce the cost).  

Finding cheap study abroad flights is not rocket science--it only requires openness, patience, and a conscious effort to EARN THOSE POINTS.