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11 Great Books to Read Before Study Abroad
Going abroad — whether for an academic semester or because you just feel like it, dammit — is an experience that can change the course of your life (or at least should, if you do it correctly).
Digital Camera for Study Abroad
Every abroad study student ought to have a camera. You are likely to be visiting and experiencing some reasonably cool things while you're overseas and having images of everything will allow you to look back years from now and remember every small detail.
8 Ways Snag Cheap Study Abroad Flights
It is possible to find cheap study abroad flights if you understand things to search for and the best way to use. You've gotta put a little work into it, and truth be told, time is your friend.
8 Top Business Schools for an MBA in Europe in 2021
Famous U.S. business schools like Harvard or the University of Chicago nonetheless dominate the ranking. Europe is catching up and is offering a variety of all MBA programmes of quality.
Top 10 Countries Offering Free Education to International Students
Living and studying in a foreign nation is everybody’s dream. The experience of dwelling in an unknown location is one that most of us crave for.
2021 Best Colleges in California for Study Abroad
Colleges in California offer students many different experiences using a mixture of liberal arts schools, art colleges and big research institutions located across the state.
Top 11 Universities for International Students in China 2021
Higher education in China has gone from strength to strength recently, with a growing number of institutes emerging among the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019.
16 Best Reasons To Study Abroad in Shanghai (2018-19)
Living in China can occasionally feel like you are living in a different world. Though Shanghai itself is a really contemporary and global city, there are a few significant lifestyle differences you will not be prepared for.
17 Best Universities in Germany To Study Abroad (2020-2021)
Germany is home to some of the best-ranked Universities in the world. Students from all around the world want to get admission to the best universities in Germany.