Top 10 Countries Offering Free Education to International Students

Countries Offering Free Education to International Students is everybody’s dream. The experience of dwelling in an unknown location is one that most of us crave for.

A new culture, new people, new areas, fresh food – that would not like to get that type of adventure, right?  Studying abroad provides you with all these adventures and a lot more. 

Nevertheless, the huge tuition fee and other living expenses are constantly the deal breakers. 

While our comprehension of schooling in a foreign land is limited to the States, UK, and favorite European countries, we are apt to discount the several different alternatives available to people.  

As it happens, there are countries offering education free of charge or with minimal tuition fee to residents and global students alike. 

Here are 10 states Offering excellent instruction nearly free of cost for all Global students: 

1. Germany

Regarding excellent higher education at minimum or no cost, Germany tops the list.  


The public universities in Germany don’t charge any tuition fee in any way, but nominal university administration cost of $150-250 (that is $11,500-19,000 approx.)  Is billed, which will not pinch as that is precisely what we cover as a yearly fee at a DU college.  

2. Norway


Graduate, post-graduate and doctorate program in Norway are entirely free of charge, irrespective of your nationality.

However, they do have one condition – you ought to be adept in Norwegian because most undergraduate classes are all taught in this terminology.

Head it, they do ask for evidence of proficiency in the language.  So, in the event, you intend to employ, better begin learning straight away!

3. Sweden


While universities of Sweden do charge tuition and application fee from non-members of EU, EEA, and Nordic countries for graduate and postgraduate programmes, they provide Ph.D. positions for no fee, in fact you are going to get monthly wages!  So, why not put in the Dr. prefix for a name in Sweden?

4. Austria


Non-EU/EEA pupils might need to pay a minimal tuition fee of about $730 per session, which spares someplace around $55,000.   Not bad, taking into consideration the standard of life.  Such a gorgeous country it is.

5. Finland


Now, Finland doesn’t charge for any level of education or nationality.  But come 2017, and it’ll begin charging tuition charge from non-EU/EEA pupils for English-taught bachelor’s and Master’s programs.

6. Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Higher education here is free for many nationalities. Here it is the law!  However, for that, you must understand the local language.  And even if you would like to examine in English, a minimal fee of about ₹ 70,000 will suffice as tuition fee.

Some of the best universities in Czech Republic are:

7. France


Higher education in France is mostly free, except in some public colleges.  But again, that charge is minimal.  Add to the benefits of living in the Nation of Eiffel Tower and Paris!  Tempting, is not it?

8. Belgium


International students need to pay a minimum fee to research in Belgium, which will not pinch whatsoever since you get to experience an entirely different culture.

Some of the best universities in Belgium are:

9. Greece


The estate of the Gods, Greece provides low price high education to international students together with the minimum cost of living also.  Add to this some gorgeous historic sights.  Sign me up!

Some of the best universities in Greece are:

10. Spain


Like other European countries, Spain also provides a free education to EU citizens only.  However, it also offers low-cost education to pupils outside EU, also provides decent cost of living.  But think about all the Spanish food which you can gorge on there!

Education in these countries is not completely free, but it’s still as good as free!